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'The Year, She Turns' is a collection of 12 songs I am going to be writing and recording throughout 2016. I will be sharing each new song I write - inspired by the month - every month, and I want to invite you to be the first to hear them, as well as follow the creative process as it unfolds by joining my community here.
With enough subscribers I will be able to produce and release a physical album at the end of the year - all thanks to you!

We don't have to reach a fixed 'goal' but the more of you that support me in my music-making, the better the end results will be - with more funds to help pay for musicians, studios, producers, artwork etc. Plus you get the warm glow of knowing you are helping new music to be created in a sustainable way! So please tell your friends and spread the word around, and I will bring the songs...

I will send you a signed copy of the CD when it comes out, and I will also be sharing some exclusive videos and photos just with you, plus you'll get a 25% discount off a beautiful looking calendar with photos and song lyrics at the end of the year. Please connect with me on my Facebook Page, and post your thoughts in the comments section here. Tell me the songs you like, any lyrics that particularly resonate with you, and what each month or season inspires in you... and let's get the conversation going.

It's still a brand new year with many stories yet to be written. If last year is anything to go by; anything can happen.

Let's do this together. Life is far sweeter that way.

And you never know,
this could be the year...

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Jennifer Crook
Bath, UK
"I urge you to give this a listen. This is contemporary songwriting and performing at it's best"****Maverick

"Heart-wrenchingly gorgeous music" Roots & Fusion

Telegraph***Best Folk Albums of 2014 (Carnforth Station)

“I’m really, really loving the new album ‘Merry-Go-Round’ - it’s beautiful” Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

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